5 Ways We Try to Create Balance as Entrepreneurs

Let's get real...life can get hectic as HELL when you're an entrepreneur and it can seem like there’s never enough time to get everything done, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner with kids, multiple businesses or even a FT job. For us, we juggle kids, multiple business ventures and full-time jobs all at the same time. Even as an entrepreneur, it is important to try to create some sort of work-life balance to preserve our physical and mental health. Here are 5 ways we try to create balance as entrepreneurs:

1. Creating a daily and/or weekly routine

Creating a routine that will work effectively with our work & life schedules help us stay productive without being overwhelmed. A schedule or routine creates balance by planning out what will be done on a particular day at a certain time so that we can remain in the moment. Sometimes you really do have to take some things one day at a time to be truly effective.

2. Giving ourselves permission to disconnect

Whether it’s taking a day off, scheduling a vacation or disconnecting from social media it's important to have "me" time where the focus is on yourself and not what's going on in the world. Creating self-care days, working out or just simply having a day to relax and do absolutely nothing is a way we've learned to disconnect and recharge our batteries so that we can continue to be who and what we need to be for our business and families.

3. Creating a "Top 3" priority list

This is probably the most favorite tip that we've recently implemented into our daily routine. To-do lists can get long and overwhelming when you have big goals and expectations for your business, so focusing on 3 priorities for the day make it easier to accomplish goals. Before implementing this strategy, the day was wasted on trying to do several things in one day which led to a subconscious feeling of ultimately not being able to get anything done. Now, we stick to the top 3 priorities of the day. Narrowing done the to-do list helps us to focus on the main priorities and gives us a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Once the "Top 3" are completed, we can move on to any other less pertinent tasks. This has also helped us prioritize and manage our time effectively.

4. Protecting our peace

When it comes to our business, we had to realize that we, as the owners, are the most important pieces in this puzzle. We try to make sure that we are whole and healthy physically, spiritually and mentally by engaging in stress-relieving activities like working out, praying, reading and meditating. Protecting our peace also means removing any negative forces or energy that interferes with that.

5. Having a strong support system

Building a strong support system is vital when being an entrepreneur and small business owner. Whether its a team of people helping us with our business, or family and friends holding us up emotionally with love and support, it all helps us to focus on what's important.

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