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Who is Alora?

On the surface, The Alora Agency is a small, boutique consulting agency that helps small businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations achieve their desired results through marketing, branding and brand management, image consulting and web design. But, much more than just an agency, Alora is a home for creativity, collaboration and support. At the heart of The Alora Agency is a deep desire to educate, empower and inspire others through passion, love and support.

The Alora Agency was founded by a team of two women with ambitions and aspirations of being mentally, spiritually and financially independent through ownership and entrepreneurship. After starting our first business in the hair industry, we wanted to take what we learned and experiences (along with our marketing degrees) and help others thrive in their respective businesses. Not only is The Alora Agency about having freedom from the corporate grind, but, more than anything else, it is about seeing others win, being a part of the journey, and witnessing others' greatness. We educated by providing our expertise, resources and tools to people and businesses grow and succeed. We empower others to do what's right and good. And we inspire others to be the best versions of themselves, personally and professionally. Because the true blessing is ultimately being a blessing to others. THAT...is Alora.

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